The Coupon Fairy Cometh

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Have you ever been walking through the store and found a coupon strategically placed right by its intended product?  Perhaps YOU have left a coupon for another unsuspecting shopper?  If so, welcome to the Coupon Fairy Club!
I’ve long been a coupon fairy, before I even knew what I was doing.  Countless times, I’ve looked through my stash, and realized I had plenty of good coupons that I simply wouldn’t get around to using.  Thus, instead of sticking them in the recycling (NEVER THE TRASH, please!), I always find it more helpful -dare I say altruistic?- to pass them on to someone else.  Mostly, this is done anonymously, as the coupons are simply left near the applicable items.

However, on the rare occasions that I can hand a fellow shopper a coupon, it’s priceless!  I recall striking up a conversation with another new mom back when The Tot was still The Infant.  In the course of our conversation, the other mom asked for diaper recommendations.  Ever fulfilling my role as Atlanta’s Frugal Mom even before this very blog’s birth, I gave her my abbreviated diaper philosophy: buy whatever’s cheapest.  After all, they’re all going to be filled with the same stuff in the end, right?  (Yes, pun intended…)  As we quickly scanned the diaper shelves, I pulled out my (then smaller) coupon envelope, and handed her a $3.00 Huggies coupon I’d printed.  With the coupon, Huggies were cheaper than the store brand.  She was amazed, excited, and humbled all at once that I would fork over a high value coupon.  …and, thus, I experienced a whole new kind of coupon high.

I challenge you, my dear readers, to be a Coupon Fairy.  Or, if you already are, share your stories.  Just keep your eyes peeled for the Coupon Fairy, and enjoy her sweet treats!  :o)

P.S.  As I’m typing this, I can’t help but create a mental image of me with store-bought fairy wings strapped to my back, wand in hand, coupon binder in my cart, and possibly some kind of hat or tiara, tip-toeing through my favorite stores, and “tee-hee-hee”ing as I leave coveted coupons for unsuspecting shoppers.  ….and were I in the company of a few of my former college roomies -after a few libations gave us the courage and heightened our goofiness- I can totally see this scenario occurring.

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Keep on saving!  :o)

**Remember, y'all, this post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links, which I"ll totally blow on waffle fries and sweet tea, y'all!**


  1. I love being a coupon fairy and receiving from a coupon fairy. The time that I liked best was when I gave a Man in his 60’s a coupon for $2 off some item in Target and he grinned and said that his wife was always trying to get him to use coupons and it took a cute brunette to get him to do it. It made my day and his. His wife probably had a good laugh also.

  2. Thank you for sharing! These are the kind of stories that make the Coupon Fairy absolutely worthwhile! :o)

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