Surviving Snow Mountain, Southern Style

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So I completely get that there are quite a few “transplants” in the Atlanta area who have plenty of experience with snow.  Heaven help us, we all learned last year just how poorly Atlanta as a whole deals with snow, so how on earth can Atlantans enjoy the local phenomenon known as Snow Mountain?  It’s simple, we slap on our rain boots, and enjoy the cold snow, Southern Style.  😉

I was recently invited out to Stone Mountain’s Snow Mountain with my family to enjoy the tubes, the snow, and the atmosphere.  If you’ve never been, make sure you go NOW, as it’s only here through Sunday March 1!  Littles can enjoy The SnowZone (perhaps a child’s first expereince with -ahem- building a snow man), and enjoy the adventures of the Little Angels, complete with SnoBoggans – bigger kids will LOVE Avalanche Alley and Tube Runners. The whole family can indulge in snacks and treats at the SnoDeck, and then enjoy S’mores at Snow Fire Point while watching the sun go down.

Surviving Snow Mountain collage

Make sure to book your times in advance, as you get two hours to do the tubing.  Also, check for discount tickets if you’re a Gas South customer.  Check with ticket information for further details.

It was a wonderful experience, but honest-to-goodness, I just wasn’t sure how this Southern girl was going to get her two littles ready for the snow.  Thankfully, my mom got the kids snow suits for Christmas, so they had a basic outfit, at least.  I will share a few tips:

Surviving Snow Mountain: Southern Style

  • rain boots + newspaper bags – every Southern mom knows we don’t own snow boots.  But our kids most likely have a pair of cute rain boots.  So this is how we do it: first you put on your socks, then put newspaper bags over your socks, then put another pair of socks over that (optional, but keeps your toes extra toasty), and then slip on the ol’ rain boots.  Water proof and keeps your feet warm.  Boom.  Of course, if you happen to have actual snow boots, that will always work well too, I would assume.
  • Water-proof gloves.  Ok, so I had a very difficult time find these. Period.  But you know what works in a pinch?  Plastic sandwich bags underneath little mittened hands.  It’s not perfect, but it’ll keep the snow (water) off little hands.  You may wish to have a back up pair, and rotate them, to allow a pair to dry off.
  • Wear a Hat.  Protect your ears and noggin, folks.  Simple as that.
  • Pull-Ups are Okay Here, y’all.  Although my son, who just turned 3, has been potty trained since last Spring, *just in case* even though your child’s been fully potty-trained for over six months, but you just don’t trust your skills or speed when it comes to dismantling snow suits on a wiggly little boy who’s doing the pee-pee dance.
  • Pockets.  Lots of pockets.  A coat with ample pockets is critical for moms with littles at Snow Mountain.  Because sometimes gloves/mittens will need to come off, or hats.  A kid will inevitably get hungry, and handing them a quick-and-easy granola bar is just ….quick-and-easy.  Or you’ll grab an extra Pull-Up (see above).
  • Snag a Locker If you have so much stuff, or so many kids, or just wish to unload all your stuff, consider renting a locker – prices range from $3-5, so it’s a very reasonable cost.  That may keep your hands free, coat pockets light, and your items secure!
  • Thermal Leggings.  My cozy winter coat is great at keeping me warm, from the hips and up.  But my little legs just aren’t well-protected with my jeans.  Enter: thermal leggings.  They provide just enough warmth to keep me comfortable, without making me too warm.  This is, after all, Georgia.

So that’s my Southern 2¢ on snow, and on enjoying Snow Mountain with littles.  Have you been to Snow Mountain yet this year?  I’d love to hear about your experience, and if you have any further tips for surviving Snow Mountain with little ones.  Please comment below.

Keep on saving!  :o)

**Remember, y'all, this post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links, which I"ll totally blow on waffle fries and sweet tea, y'all!**

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