Finding (and Stocking Up On) Cheap Diapers!

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cheap diapers

I frequently brag about never paying more than $5 for a pack of diapers.  It’s one item I refuse to pay full price for, particularly given what will -ahem- end up in them…

Recently, I was asked how the heck I manage such a feat.  With this question, I realized I’ve overlooked explaining a few basics to y’all.  So, I will happily reveal my diaper-buying secrets.  :o)


(And, yes, most of these tips can be applied to just about anything you frequently buy.)

  • Good things come in small packages.  And I’m not just referring to yours truly. ;o)  With most items I buy with coupons, I find that nine times out of ten, I can get the best deal, not by buying in bulk, but by purchasing the smallest package.  Using coupons drives down the unit price significantly more when you buy the smaller item.  This theory will almost always hold water.  Every blue moon, I find a good deal on a box of diapers, but the vast majority of diapers I’ve purchased in the last five years have been the small packs.
  • Coupons, coupons, coupons!  I never, ever, ever, ever, buy diapers without coupons in hand. (Well, I did this one time on a pack of CVS store brand pack on clearance, but that’s another story…)  A high value diaper coupon is usually for $2.00 – $3.00.  Printable coupons also float around online from time to time.  (Did you know I have a whole page just for baby-related coupons?)  If you find one of these, hold on to it; don’t rush right out and use it, because…
  • Timing is key.  Taking my coupons with me, I wait until stores have a good sale on diapers. (I recommend creating a price book, so you can track the sales cycle for items you buy frequently.  It takes a little time to set up and maintain, but I promise it’s totally worth it in the long run!)  Usually, $8.99 is a good sale price for a small pack of Huggies or Pampers.  Luvs tend  to come in slightly larger packs, and usually priced a buck or two higher.  So, combined with a high value coupon, you can score a pack for around six bucks.  ….but wait a minute, I said I never pay more than FIVE for a pack: here’s the real secret:
  • BONUS BUY!  Combine your manufacture coupons with store coupons. This is called “stacking”.  Target printable coupons, Publix coupons, CVS Extra Care Bucks, Rite Aid UP Rewards, and Walgreens’ Register Rewards can all be combined with your high value manufacture coupons to drive down the cost of those diapers even further.  Furthermore, Target periodically offers gift card incentives when you buy particular diapers.

cheap diapers

  • Further Icing on the Diaper Cake Another way to add to the savings is to sign up for Huggies “Enjoy the Ride” program, Pampers “Gifts to Grow” program, and Luvs mailing list.  All send out coupons to its members on a fairly regular basis.  Huggies and Pampers allow you to accumulate rewards points from packs of diapers and wipes you purchase; points can be used for all sorts of things, including coupons for FREE packs of diapers.
  • A few more pointers I’ve learned along the way:
    • If the store brand is still cheaper, even when you do all of the above, the decision should be clear.  GO WITH THE STORE BRAND!
    • This system works best if you are not brand dependent.  I completely understand that y’all may be loyal to a certain brand, for a plethora of reasons.  However, I do advise shopping around if you can, and trying out different brands.  I’ve only found one store brand to be sub par (Wal-Mart’s Parent’s Choice — the tabs seemed to come off easily in the midst of changings), so I’ve been pleased overall with simply buying whatever is cheapest.
    • Not sure you want to commit to a whole package?  All the name brands offer free samples/trial packs fairly frequently — take advantage of that.  Rite Aid’s store brand, Tugaboos, are sold in “trial packs” of 3(?) for a buck.  Sam’s and Costco also frequently offer sample/trial packs of their diapers.  This is a great way to test the waters, without making a huge financial commitment.
    • Also, I always peruse the clearance sections.  I’ve found Pampers and Luvs on clearance before, and were able to drive down the cost even further with coupons.  I’ve gotten packs for under $3 from the clearance section, BEFORE COUPONS!  It’s rare, but if you always keep your eyes peeled, and coupons handy, you can score some great loot!  (I’m also not ashamed to admit I scored a pack of size 1 Huggies for under three bucks at Goodwill, too!)
The key to taking FULL advantage of diaper deals is to stock up when there are great diaper deals to be had.  I have a few friends and family members (who don’t have diaper-age children) who supply me with their coupons.  Therefore, at any given time, I have at least THREE coupons available for use.  Thus, I am able to stock up when I see a good deal.
So, that, in a nutshell, is how and why I never pay more than five bucks for a pack of diapers.  Make sense?

If you have any additional tips, questions, dastardly rude comments, or snide remarks about cheap diapers, I’d love to hear it.  :o)

Also, if you’re ready to ditch the diapers, learn how to potty train in less than a week.  AND read over some invaluable potty training tips and essentials.

Potty Training Essentials

Keep on saving!  :o)

**Remember, y'all, this post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links, which I"ll totally blow on waffle fries and sweet tea, y'all!**


  1. All mummy will gone crazy for these offer. Of course it is about cheap diapers.
    dean graziosi


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