Catch Air – Birthday Party Review

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Catch Air Review

When the time came to plan for my daughter’s third birthday party, I knew one thing was certain: I didn’t want it at MY house!  With a newborn son and a highly energetic three year old, the last thing I wanted was to set up and then clean up for a party.  However, I wanted something special for my daughter, as we’d never really had a party for her yet, and since she’d had a big year, complete with becoming a big sister and all.

Catch Air Review

Within the span of a month, we took her to a -um- certain dark play place with a big mouse, and later to bouncy-type place featuring a particular primate.  Then we were invited to birthday party at Catch Air in John’s Creek location, and suddenly the choice was clear: my little girl was going to have her birthday party at Catch Air John’s Creek.

Catch Air Review

Catch Air, a combination bouncy house and indoor playground, had something to peek the interest of any child.  Plenty of inflatables throughout the facility for jumping,  along with simulated “fitness equipment”, ball pits, slides, token games, humongous train set, “balloon house”, a hamster roller, an interactive dance floor (think: the piano scene from Big)  and much all keep kids ages 12 and under occupied for hours and hours of entertainment!  And there’s four locations in the north metro area, including John’s Creek, Cumming, Suwanee, and Marietta.

Catch Air Review

Overall, I was exceptionally pleased with my experience at Catch Air in John’s Creek.  With a personal party coordinator leading the way, they took care of the set up and clean up (every mother’s dream!), as well as supplied the “party accessories”: table cloths, plates, forks, drinks for the party kids, and even invitations.  …and if you’re an absent-minded mother, like yours truly, and forget the all-important birthday cake candle, they’ve got you covered!  After 80 minutes of play in perhaps the coolest indoor playground I’ve seen, Carol got to have a “dance party” with Buzz Lightyear (her movie character du joir).  Buzz then led the kids over to the double sinks, where we all washed our hands before going in to the party room.  We were allotted 40 minutes in the “party room”, set up for the obligatory singing of “happy birthday” as she blew out the candles.  The party coordinator assisted in bringing the cake over, then cutting it up and helping to serve.  She then stepped back and let the kids have their fun.

Catch Air Review

Afterwards, I was also pleased to see the party room get thoroughly wiped down — a level of conscientiousness that I cannot say for other similar places.  The bathrooms were exceptionally clean and well-lit; although the floor seemed slightly slippery with socks on.  As a mother and uber-germophobe, I could really appreciate the level of attention the staff paid to cleanliness.

Catch Air Review

We were allowed to bring outside dry snacks, drinks for the adults, and the cake.  You have the option of ordering Papa Johns pizza or Chick-fil-a (and those of you who know me will be shocked to hear I opted out of CFA — I still don’t know how I passed *that* up!!), for an additional fee.  (Please note: the food options differ at the other locations.)  Our party coordinator assisted in setting up all the snacks and beverages, which allowed my husband and I the opportunity to just sit back and watch our daughter play.

Catch Air Review

Again, my experience with Catch Air was fantastic.  For $5-8 a visit for walk-ins (depending on your child’s age), and discount codes available frequently on their Facebook pages, you can’t go wrong taking the kids here.  There’s even free wifi for parents, as well as coffee and a snack bar available.  There’s four locations (Johns Creek, Cumming, Marietta, and Suwanee) in the north metro area.

Care to try out Catch Air? I highly recommend “liking” Catch Air on FB, since they frequently post “passwords” to get you discounts for walk-in visits!  Also, here’s a few more suggestions for snagging discount tickets to Catch Air: Groupon has tickets from time to time, but you can also buy a 10-visit pass and save directly at your location.  You’ll want to ask if your location’s pass is good at other locations; some allow it, others don’t.  🙂

Keep on saving!  :o)

**Remember, y'all, this post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links, which I"ll totally blow on waffle fries and sweet tea, y'all!**


  1. We LOVE this place, and were so sad we could not come to Carol’s party. Did I tell you that we have a Catch Air Party in our raffle for Hike for Hyde this year? Between that, Disney tickets, a Sweet and Sassy party, and a miniature ride on Mercedes we should have a few very excited kids winning raffle items, not to mention all the super cool stuff the adults will be excited about too!

  2. We’ve been to the one in Kennesaw…our girls love it.

  3. We like how Cumming location Catchair has been upgraded with a large slide.
    Their birthday parties are amazing

  4. Katie Fields ( says:

    We took my son to the Johns Creek location for his second birthday, and the whole family had such a blast! You’re right — they really do keep that place super clean, and everyone is so kind. We are now planning on going there every week, and this giveaway would be a nice treat!

  5. I want to go check out the Marietta location!

  6. I’m so glad there’s a location near me in Suwanee. I’d love to take my son.

  7. Anonymous says:

    We haven’t been to Catch Air yet, but we’ve heard so many good things about it. I think the John’s Creek location is the closest to us, and we’re looking forward to checking it out!

    • Ryan Johnson says:

      I didn’t mean to make myself anonymous. You would think I’d have this computer thing figured out by now! 🙂

  8. We go to Catch Air in Suwanee EVERY WEEK! My almost 2 year old loves it!

  9. We’ve been to the Catch Air in Johns Creek and love it.

  10. The one in Marietta is great!!

  11. Went to a party there and loved it!! Perfect for both my 4 and 7 year old kids!

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