Which stores double coupons?

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which stores double coupons

Which stores double coupons these days?  In light of recent news at Kroger’s allegedly lowering prices and -more importantly- ending their double coupons as of 9-21-13, I felt compelled to create a list of stores around the southeast that still DO double coupons.  If there’s a store I left off, please let me know.  🙂


Update 1/2017: Sigh.  Publix no longer doubles coupons in Georgia.  You can still stack store and manufacture coupons, but they are no longer doubling coupons.  I am deeply saddened by this news and their explanation, but it is what it is…  First and foremost, Publix remains the most user-friendly grocery store around.  Hands down.  While they have acquired the reputation for being “too expensive” – I certainly do not find this to be the case.  While I wouldn’t buy non-sale items from there, their BOGOs and sales each week, along side double coupons stacked with store coupons simply make for exceptional deals!  You can read more about my hints and tricks for shopping at Publix.


Although they do not double coupons, they do allow you to stack manufacture’s coupons with store coupons on top of Cartwheel discounts, as well as combine with awesome Shopkick and Ibotta deals.  In my opinion, it’s worth keeping Tar-zshay on your list!



Bi-Lo doubles up to 10 coupons per transaction per day, up to 60¢ when you use your Bi-Lo Bonuscard.  See their full policy here and locations here.


Ingles has a tiered doubling policy.  Coupons 50¢ or less will double: $10 transactions will allow for 3 doubled coupons, $20 for 6 doubled coupons, $30 for 9 doubled coupons, and so forth.  You MUST have an Ingles Advantage card in order to benefit from doubled coupons. You can read their full coupon policy here and find a location here.

Piggly Wiggly

Piggly Wiggly will double coupons up to 99¢, but only 10 coupons in one transaction per day per household.  Also only 4 “like” coupons allowed in one transaction.  For more on their policy, go here; find a location here.


Kmart does not double every day, but on designated days.  They do not have a policy available online, but according to AllYou.com, Kmart doubles manufacture’s coupons to 99¢ on doubling days, up to 10 coupons per day, and only 4 like coupons.  Find your local Kmart store here — you may wish to verify your store’s specific policy.

Harris Teeter

Doubles up to 20 manufacture’s coupons per customer per household per day, up to 99¢.  Up to three “like” coupons will double in a single transaction.  Read full coupon policy here, and find locations here.

Farm Fresh

With stores in North Carolina and Virginia, Farm Fresh does not appear to have their coupon policy posted online, but according to several frugal websites, I have gathered the following: doubles 99¢ everyday, but $1 on Wednesdays; up to 20 coupons per customer, per day; maximum of two “like” coupons per customer per day.  Find locations here.

Winn Dixie

In Alabama and Georgia Winn Dixie will double coupons up to 50¢.  However, Florida locations do not double.

Keep on saving!  :o)

**Remember, y'all, this post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links, which I"ll totally blow on waffle fries and sweet tea, y'all!**


  1. Even without double coupons, Kroger’s non-sale item prices are so much lower than Publix.
    Thanks for sharing this list!

    • Barbara says:

      Truth be told, we do our everyday shopping (non-sale items) at Aldi or Walmart. One of the Walmart Neighborhood Grocery stores just opened down the street from me, and that’s where we run in for milk and other “fresh” items. But Publix’s BOGO sales, combined with store coupons or competitor’s coupons, stacked with manufacture coupons (that -ahem!- still double up to 50¢) just can’t be beat!!

      C’mon Joyce, I’m going to convert you yet!!! 😉

  2. We eat a LOT of cereal in this house and nearly every week Publix has something we like on BOGO. BOGO + coupon = great savings.

  3. This is a great list. Kroger is our store of choice because it is closer to our home. We have occasionally gone to Publix or Walmart though

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