Small Space Solutions for Your Home

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So it’s come to this, y’all.  It’s mid-June, and I must begin talking to you about (gulp)  back to school.  Yep.  BTS.  I know, I know.  It seems kind of cruel, and I apologize for even entering those three cruel words when we are mopping up the humidity off our brows.

At Home Small Space Solutions BTS checklist

The folks at At Home want to help you make the most of impending back-to-school, particularly if you’re headed off to the dorms, or a small apartment, or even a small classroom.  (Let’s face it, as a teacher, even the most spacious classroom will require careful use of every. single. inch!)  I’ve toured the store, and found some helpful small spaces solutions, as well as enlisted a few DIY solutions on my own.  Additionally, they’ve compiled a magnificent back to campus checklist for your convenience!  (I gave you a peek ^^^ up there.)

Small Space Solutions with At Home Stores

First, hanging carousels, akin to hanging closet organizers.  These are incredibly versatile.  Hang in your closet to maximize your storage space.  Also, slim hangers, as pictured, which cut down on closet bulk.  And although not necessarily an item offering solutions for small spaces, drying racks are always a good investment.  I had this sweater drying rack when I lived in an apartment, and it actually came in quite handy, and does break down nicely for easy storage.  And when you live the short life, like yours truly, you NEED step stools, like all over your living areas.  So foldable step stools are an easy small space solution – just tuck them away when not in use!

At Home Small Space Solutions

And, again, I just really like the drying racks, so you should see them twice.  (*facepalm*)  I’ve also shown two separate stacking basket systems: one style certainly offers a more decorative flair, while the other offers a more frugal solution, which I would recommend for a pantry or a closet.


Next, you need to see these amazing battery storage boxes!  (Am I the only one who nerds out over this kind of stuff?!)  It’s a simple, practical way to store your batteries in an orderly way.  More decorative hanging closet storage, and an over-the-door shoe rack – both offer a stylish way to keep track of various items.  The shoe rack can be a great item behind your bathroom door to store all kinds of odds and ends, in your pantry to hold various-sized items, and much more!  The fridge bins (which, sorry, were hard to really get a good picture of) make a great way for apartment mates to split up their groceries, AND they offer storage solutions for pantries, bathrooms, and perhaps even under-the-sink – sometimes you just have to think outside the (refrigerator) box.  Also, the picture frames.  Yep.  Picture frames.  They’re both inexpensive and versatile!  Create calendars, memo boards, and more with inexpensive, but colorful frames!  (Hop on Pinterest if you need inspiration.)

At-Home_Small-Space-Solutions_clearance Finally, I have to show you the clearance items I found!  Black out curtains for $13 – find me a college student who wouldn’t LOVE these!  Bed-in-a-bag for $25, AND a bathroom set for $15.  There were TONS more clearance finds, including plastic flower pots, indoor/outdoor chair cushions, and much MUCH more!

And I’m excited to tell you about this great money-saving opportunity with At Home: for each purchase you make during the month of June, you’ll get a coupon on your receipt good for 15% off your a single purchase during the month of July.  But first, get a coupon good for 10% off when you sign up for their email.

Even More Small Space Solutions

Here are some of my other favorite solutions for small spaces, many of them easy DIY.  They offer versatility and can be used/applied to other areas of your home, dorm, or apartment.

underbed rolling storage unitunder bed storage

behind-the-door reading nookbehind the door reading nook


rolling beside-the-fridge pantryDIY Rollout Pantry - 13sqft of space for $60!


hanging pot rackDIY Pot Rack

For even more small space ideas, check out Little House living for tips on organizing small spaces, appliances for small spaces, and small space storage – and trust me, she’s the expert on small space living, since she and her family live in their 400 sq. ft camper!

Keep on saving!  :o)

**Remember, y'all, this post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links, which I"ll totally blow on waffle fries and sweet tea, y'all!**

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