Rewards Programs You SHOULD Join

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Free lunch bags, FREE Shutterfly, FREE diapers, FREE Coca-Cola, and more are all awaiting you, if you join all the right programs.  Rewards programs, that is.  The gist of most of these rewards programs is the same, enter their codes or save UPCs/proofs of purchase, and you can redeem some cool gear.  Where there is variation, I’ve tried to clarify.  If you are part of a rewards program that’s NOT listed here, pretty please let me know about it!  🙂

Rewards Programs to Join

Here are some great rewards programs you may wish to join, if you purchase their products:

  • Rewards R Us – Earn 2 points per dollar at Toys”R”Us & Babies”R”Us; 500 points equals $5 in “R”Us Rewards; plus  other levels of rewards
  • Bear Naked Gear – turn in your empty containers for cool gear
  • Boyer Candies Rewards – earn “play money” to redeem for goods or rebates
  • Cherrybrook Kitchen Rewards – collect your Cherrybrook UPCs, and redeem for a variety of items in their catalog
  • Contessa Foods Rewards Program – trade Proofs of Purchase for gear
  • Disney Movie Rewards – Seriously, the easiest way to earn cool stuff (including cute printables for your child, requiring NO points at all!): submit codes from Disney movies purchased, or Disney movie ticket stubs, or other Disney gear to earn points for super-cute Disney gear.
  • Earth’s Best Rewards – earn points for your purchases, redeem
  • Gymboree Rewards – Members only discounts, direct mail offers and events. Plus, early access to events & promotions.  Free class pass plus $20 off enrollment at Gymboree Play & Music (for new members only); $5 rewards certificate for every 250 points earned
  • Hilton HHonors – Among it’s many benefits, this loyalty program allows you to move to the next tier super-fast, AND offers double points on your second stay!
  • Huggies Rewards – If you’d like to sign up under me, you’ll get a 10 point bonus.  Message me with your email address, and I’ll send you an invite.  (Please be assured, your email address will NOT be shared with anyone else.)
  • Kellogg’s Family Rewards – Sign up for Kellogg’s Family Rewards™ and receive the latest news, special offers and exclusive
  • My Coke Rewards – In addition to sweepstakes and gear you can earn, there are frequently freebies (i.e. require no points) for members with their partner companies, like McDonalds.
  • Nature Made Vitamins – This is one of the easiest ways to get your vitamins and supplements CHEAP!  You redeem your points for high value coupons ($3, then $7), which when coupled with frequent BOGO sales and store cash at your favorite drug store, make for a SWEET deal!
  • Nestle Dolce Gusto Rewards Program – For the tea and coffee drinker, this is a great way to earn discounted drinks just for drinking what you drink!
  • Old Orchard Fan Club – Play games, subscribe to emails, submit recipes, and ask questions – all for points.  Redeem for high value coupons, or cute gear.
  • Pampers Gifts to Grow – offers a great variety of rewards when you accumulate points.  The best part?  You don’t even need to have a child in diapers to reap the rewards: there are frequently “free” codes floating around.  In fact, right now, you’ll get 100 points just for signing up!
  • Prevacid Perks – Redeem points for perks from partnering companies, such as, M2 Media, Spa Week, and VUDU. 
  • Purell Loyalty Program – Get 2,000 points just for signing up, which will get you a nice $2 off coupon.  This is a must-have program for teachers, parents, and any one who works in or near a “germ factory”.  😉
  • Purina Difference Rewards – savings, educational opportunities, and more all for being a loyal customer.
  • Recycle Bank – ok, not a BRAND loyalty reward program, but lots’a great coupons and deals, and it’s super-easy to use!
  • Roman Meal Reward Offers – Send in proofs of purchase for great, health-related items, like multifunction pedometer!
  • Schiff Loyalty Rewards – For those with diabetes, this loyalty program can help you save.
  • Stouffer’s Diner’s Club – Enter codes found inside boxes for great, high value coupons, as well as kitchen gear and gadgets.
  • Zyrtec Rewards – If you’re a year-round allergy sufferer (raising my hand!) and don’t have a Costco nearby, this is a great way to alleviate the burden of suffering.  Use it in conjunction with your drug store allergy program (if one exists), and you can walk away with a great deal on allergy meds!  

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Keep on saving!  :o)

**Remember, y'all, this post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links, which I"ll totally blow on waffle fries and sweet tea, y'all!**

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