Paper Christmas Tree Craft (with free download!)

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Every year we make all sorts of holiday crafts and decorations with our children, and I’ve ended up with a whole box of crumpled, torn paper crafts as a result.  I want to save them all, but I’m running out of ways to display (and repair) them!  This year, we decided to start a grow-with-me holiday centerpiece that we can add to every year and proudly display on the table or mantle.  Check out this fun, easy craft below!

Keepsake paper christmas tree craft 

Supplies needed:Keepsake paper christmas tree craft

Cardstock (see link to the right for free template download)




Paperclip (optional)



1. Print out the template on cardstock and have your child decorate it as desired.

2. Cut out the colored tree. (You may need to help younger ones with this step)

3. Fold the tree in half down the center.

4. Glue the tree halves together, back-to-back.

5. Glue the last two backs together.

6. Fan out the papers so the tree can stand on its own.

7. Enjoy your new holiday decoration!

Keepsake paper christmas tree craft

A few notes here:

-If you want to add to the tree each year, don’t glue the last two backs together.  Instead, clip with together with a paper clip.  The tree can be folded flat after the holidays for storage, and you can easily add in new trees each year.

-Be sure to download and save the coloring sheet you choose to use, so you can have it next year and in years to come.

-Have children write their name and the year on the bottom of the tree for future reference.

-If you have less than three children, you’ll need to have them color more than one trees for the finished tree to be able to stand.

Keep on saving!  :o)

**This post may contain affiliate links.**


  1. Super cute and I love that it can be a group project!

  2. Very cute, and good for a wide range of ages too!

    • Thanks for stopping by! It’s really great for a mixed age group, as the older ones can help the younger ones as needed. I love activities that get everyone involved!

  3. Cute! I am so not crafty but this looks very easy to do and something my kids would enjoy!

  4. How cute is that!! and super easy..

  5. Adorable! Love it and I’m sure my kids will too. Thanks!

  6. Such a fun, cute, and easy idea!


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