My Bucket List

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My Bucket List

So I created this bucket list back in 2010. I’ve been able to check off a few things on the list, which feels nice. Some items are goofy, and literally involve time travel – so until the good ol’ Doc brings me my own DeLorean, I’ll have to just consider those things wishful thinking. But the realistic items, I’d love to accomplish in some capacity.

My Bucket List

  1. Write a book.
  2. Write a series of kids books.
  3. Learn to sew.
  4. See as much of the world as possible.
  5. Learn sign language.
  6. Go to Hawaii.
  7. Climb a mountain.  Without getting all gooey?  (I have no idea what I meant here…  Sticky-sweaty, perhaps??)
  8. Clean, organize, and maintain the bonus/computer room.
  9. Ditto for basement.
  10. Explore family history/family tree. (hopefully, find no intertwining branches)
  11. Find dream home.
  12. Pay off dream home.
  13. Win lottery.
  14. Start own educational company.
  15. Finish typing bucket list.
  16. Become a famous stand-up comedian.  (It’s a dream list, too, right?)
  17. Conquer fear of bugs.  To accomplish, will obliterate all bugs within ten mile radius.
  18. Start composting!
  19. Teach my children the value of minimizing carbon footprint.
  20. Go back in time and invest money in Apple.  or Amazon
  21. Teach my children the value of saving, not spending, money.
  22. Re-learn advanced algebra and trigonometry.  (What can I say, I’m a nerd!)
  23. Go back in time, and tell young self to enjoy every moment, enjoy and appreciate young teenage body and self!!  Carpe diem!
  24. Hmmm, invent time machine.  (Where’s a DeLorean when you need one!!?)
  25. Visit childhood home.  
  26. Travel Route 66 with hubs.
  27. Visit all 50 US states.
  28. Sample cuisine from diners and dives across country.  Perhaps along Route 66.
  29. Go on quiz-type game show. (Jeopardy will do.)
  30. WIN game show.
  31. RUN, not jog, the Peachtree Road Race.  One day…
  32. Get back in to swimming for fitness.
  33. Get back on the diving boards, just for fun! (Er, find pool that still has diving board worth a damn…)
  34. Get rid of contacts and eyeglasses: Lasik eye surgery!
  35. [I cannot share this one, for fear of incrimination]
  36. Re-visit old apartments in Athens, with roommates.  :o)
  37. Visit old home and neighborhood in Kentucky.
  38. Spend at least 2 weeks touring Ireland with husband and children. **Spent 5 days in this beautiful country with hubs in 2014.**
  39. Read or reread all the great works of literature that we were “supposed” to read in high school and college.
  40. Take a gourmet cooking class.
  41. Learn to dance.  (And I mean, beyond the goofy white-girl dance…)
  42. Get physically fit enough to become a fitness trainer.  Short, petite fitness trainers are the scariest, I’ve heard!
  43. Revisit Sanford Stadium with children and husband, so they can see where Daddy proposed to Mommy.
  44. Walk through the halls of my old elementary school.  Childhood friends are welcome to join in.
  45. Walk through halls of my old high school, before it’s remodeled!  Former classmates are also welcome to join in.
  46. Ride bike through Huntley Hills neighborhood, just as I did as a kid.
  47. Create and complete photobook/scrapbook for each of my children.
  48. Go to UGA game with husband and children, and spend the day (or entire weekend!) in Athens.

There you go.  Very candidly, my bucket list.  What’s on YOUR bucket list?  What have you accomplished so far?  🙂  Do share!

Keep on saving!  :o)

**Remember, y'all, this post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links, which I"ll totally blow on waffle fries and sweet tea, y'all!**


  1. When can you cross off finish bucket list? Can you ever really finish the list?

  2. Exactly!! Glad someone caught that!! ;o)

  3. Running the Peachtree is overrated. You need to stop and enjoy – people hand out pizza and beer, you know!

    • Good point. At this point, I just want to get back in to *doing* the race, period. I haven’t done so since having kids. :/

  4. I’ve never written an explicit list.
    As far as travel goes, I’d like to go back to Switzerland and take the family to Hawaii since the husband went to college there.

    I’d like to land on the cover of a magazine and thanks to a recent contest in Atlanta it’s definitely possible. DM me if you want to vote.

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