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I am currently trying out a new cheap wireless plan as part of a compensated project for Collective Bias®. This article shares my initial purchasing experience and thoughts about the new Family Mobile unlimited plans.

Y’all know I am all about saving money. I firmly believe in pinching pennies in all budget categories, because those pennies add up to big bucks! Recently I learned about a new cheap wireless plan option from Walmart.  Now I know they’ve offered a variety of budget-conscious plans for a few years now, but they’ve all been with companies that are small or that I have never heard of, which makes me nervous. Their new Family Mobile service is provided by T-Mobile, and their $40 unlimited plans are cheaper than even the lowest price rate plan with a traditional service provider.  Plus, you can add on up to 4 more lines for just $35 each, which makes it a great option for families, especially big ones like ours!

walmart family mobile plans

I am super excited to give Family Mobile a whirl because I love trying out and sharing new things that can potentially save all of us money every month.  And I desperately needed a new phone anyway, so the timing is perfect!  See, the phone I currently use is three years old, and is on it’s last leg.  The usb port broke about a year ago, so I had to order extra batteries and a wall charger since I can’t charge it with a cord anymore.  I can’t sync it with my computer because I can’t plug it up.  The camera has no flash or focus, it’s literally like a cheap-o point and shoot.  It’s gotten so glitchy that I can’t run any downloaded apps on it.  In short – it’s gotta go!

walmart family mobile plans

The prepaid service I currently use has spotty coverage and the data transfer rate is extremely slow.  For example, I have absolutely no service at my children’s school or at my in-laws’ home.  When I am visiting both of those places, I am typically there for quite some time, and my phone is pretty much useless other than for taking pictures with the not-so-great camera.  I can’t use my phone in an emergency, I can’t share pictures online, I can’t   receive any texts, emails, or calls.

walmart family mobile plans

Also, I know it’s really minor to some, but I can’t pull my complete account history with my current provider.  I purchased an item from someone last month, but I only communicated with that person via text.  I deleted the text once I purchased the item because I wasn’t expecting to have a problem.  Now I need the number because of an issue  I am having, but my phone company doesn’t even have a record of me sending or receiving any text that day.  I won’t have that problem with Family Mobile because I can literally access every single bit of activity in real time with the online account management tools on the My Family Mobile website.

Now, because I love all things new and shiny, the first thing I did was head over to check out their phone selection.  From past experience with prepaid phone plans, I wasn’t expecting that great of a lineup of phones, but I was pleasantly surprised.  They offer top of the line phones like the Galaxy S4 all the way down to a super basic $20 phone.  You can use most unlocked phones with their service too, so if you really love your current phone (looking at you, iPhone fanatic) there’s a good chance you’ll be able to switch it over pretty easily.

walmart family mobile plans

It’s really a simple process to get all set up, even when you go in the store.  Literally, you purchase your phone and activation kit, fill out one form for the Walmart associate to enter your info in the system, and you’re all set up in less than 5 minutes.  If you don’t want to activate it in store, you can easily come home and do it online too.  Or, if you want to skip the store all together, you can just order your phone and activation kit online and set it all up when you get it in the mail.

Oh, and get this – you don’t even have to pay your bill yet!  Family Mobile is post paid, meaning you don’t pay until the end of the service period!

walmart family mobile plans

I’ve been pleased with my service so far, but I’ll be really putting it to the test over the coming months as I trek all over with my family during summer break.  I’ll definitely be updating you guys to let you know what I think of the service, coverage, customer service, and phone for sure!

So what do you think?  Have you heard about Family Mobile?  How much do you spend every month for phone service?

Keep on saving!  :o)

**Remember, y'all, this post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links, which I"ll totally blow on waffle fries and sweet tea, y'all!**


  1. Sounds like you were definitely due for a new phone! I’ve been in those shoes – my last phone was the cutest little green “green” phone but decidedly un-smart. Best of all, you scored a fantastic deal with the Walmart Family Mobile plan! My family would save a ton by converting from our high contract service and not lose a thing, rather gain some green 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing about this – looking forward to reading more 🙂

  2. $40 a month is less than half of what I’m paying now. Sounds great to me!

  3. Michael Gillin says:

    Plans are good but i think this is something better. No connection/activation fee startup service includes SIM and airtime. LIVE Plan – All customer discount every month. Nationwide Network- T-Mobile


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