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As a classroom teacher, I recall BEGGING for basic supplies.  Some years, I was fortunate enough to have parents who could send in supplies, and other years, I dug deep in to my own pockets just to provide the basics for my kids.  One year in particular, the administration asked me in the winter how I’d like to spend about $100 I had left in supplies, my simple response?  Facial tissues.  My poor sweet 4th grade boys were blowing their red raw little noses on that rough sand-paper-like paper towels, and I couldn’t bear to watch it any more.  So, as a (former??) teacher, I can appreciate when there is outreach from the community to help with school supplies.

I was recently blessed with an opportunity to help fund school supplies for the school/organization of my choosing.  I quickly thought of one school in particular who could benefit from this program, set up through The Motherhood, in conjunction with Champions for Kids and Purell brand: Dresden Elementary in Chamblee.  Located in one of the most heavily populated and ethnically diverse communities in the DeKalb County School District, the present student body of just over 1000 is composed of students from at least twenty countries.  Dresden offers an array of programs to help support not just the individual student, but the entire family AND faculty as well.  I also know a few teachers there, and could think of no better place to bring school supplies.


Through #PurellLendAHand, I set out the other day to my local Wal-Mart, and loaded my cart up with school supplies.  Given the great back to school prices currently in place, it was a cinch to stock up on much-needed supplies.  Also, Dresden Elementary provided their supply lists for each grade level, so I had a good idea of what kinds of items were needed/wanted at the school.

It was a seemingly simple task: buy the school supplies they needed.  But even with a $180 budget, I still kept looking around, thinking “this isn’t enough.  I should be doing more.”Purell-Walmart-display

The only major snag I ran into was with couponing.  I carefully pulled out 25 $1.00 coupons for Purell Advanced hand sanitizer I’d been saving from a previous campaign – the coupons had no expiration date, so I thought I’d be able to use them, to help stretch that $180 further.  *sad face*  In any case, I was able to get enough Purell Advanced hand sanitizer to put in each classroom, to help start off the school year on a germ-free note.

All-in-all, I feel I made a good haul, and was able to send over a good amount of supplies to the school.  The front office and the principal, Mrs. Dominique Terrell seemed quite pleased with what I was able to provide.  In the end, this project was all about the kids, and giving them what they need so they can make the most of their time in the classroom.

PurellLendAHand - Supplies and Principal

Do you have a great fundraising story, or back-to-school supply tips to share?  I’d love to hear about them!

Keep on saving!  :o)

**Remember, y'all, this post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links, which I"ll totally blow on waffle fries and sweet tea, y'all!**


  1. This is a great story, AFM! Dresden seems like a wonderful school and one well deserving of your thoughtful efforts! I don’t have a story of my own, but this year my husband donated to his job’s school drive since we didn’t have to buy any for our preschool student. It always feels good to lend a helping hand. Great job!

  2. I love this fundraising idea! I don’t have a story to share but my girl’s school does a lot of fundraising to help with supply needs and other stuff the school might need.

  3. You did great! How awesome to help Dresden – I know the teachers & kids will appreciate your donations! When my kids were in public school we always sent in extras throughout the year – especially tissues and hand sanitizers! This was a great story – thanks for sharing!

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