Famous Footwear BTS BOGO Bonanza!

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Disclosure: I attended an informational event at the East Cobb Avenues Famous Footwear store, and received a gift card to shop as a form of compensation. All opinions are mine, and based on my own, honest experience.

Famous Footwear BOGO

Famous Footwear is going shoe crazy, now through September 14: BOGO, done right.  Buy one pair of shoes, get another pair half off.  But if you can’t decide on that second pair right then and there?  No problem: just hold on to your receipt and you can nab them later, when you show your receipt.  How sweet is that!??

Famous Footwear SHOES collage

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with some of my favorite blogger pals, and meeting up at the East Cobb Avenues Famous Footwear store, where we got to see their fantastic inventory.  I must admit: I was quite impressed!  My family of four is not without its quirks, and shoes for our piggies are not without their own issues.  My husband and my sone require wide shoes; while my daughter’s feet never seem to stop growing these days, and -ahem- my feet require a size 4 (yes, a child’s size shoes…).  But I was able to find shoes for each and every one of us at Famous Foorwear!

Famous Footwear kids shoes collage

Because I’m me, and because I’m super cheap, I walked away just buying some bedroom slippers for my kiddos (and nothing for myself!).  But those bedroom shoes were super cute!  A pair of Disney princess for my daughter, and Toy Story for the boy (although his tiny feet aren’t *quite* big enough for them yet) — all for the low price of $7.54.  They were on clearance for $5 each, but the BOGO 1/2 off made them $7.50 pre-tax.  When I got a 5% discount for opening my Rewards Account, it knocked off a little more!  SCORE!  My daughter was so excited, she immediately ripped off the tags and started dancing in them; my son -who currently loves “Hat” (that’s what he calls Woody from Toy Story) couldn’t get his on fast enough, before he toddled over to his zebra, so he could let out a few hearty “hee-haws!”

Famous Footwear - kids clearance slippers


In addition to an incredible selection of clearance finds (which y’all know by now, is the first thing I look at!) Famous Footwear also offers a great variety of style and selection to please every member of the family: from the Sketchers Twinkles series for my daughter, to Spiderman and Disney’s Cars for my son, to good ol’ solid running shoes for my husband, to -well- I believe we’ve established already I”m just cheap!  😉  But Famous Footwear goes well beyond just shoes; they’ve got a large selection of backpacks, socks, and other cute accessories for your back to school needs.

Famous Footwear girls shoes collage

Want to see some awesome blogger pals of mine go a little shoe crazy?  They each had the opportunity to grab as many shoes as they could in 30 seconds, and got to KEEP THEM!  Yep, I was a little envious, but also happy to see them score such great finds.  And the amount they nabbed for the shoes was donated to charity — truly a win-win for all involved!  Thanks @JaMonkey for sharing this video!

Keep on saving!  :o)

**Remember, y'all, this post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links, which I"ll totally blow on waffle fries and sweet tea, y'all!**


  1. Ah man! Those bedroom Toy Story shoes are super fun! I’m sure he loved them! (And I know a little guy in our house that would, too!)


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