CVS Curbside Pickup Service

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Disclosure: I’m working with CVS Pharmacy to help spread the word about CVS Curbside Pickup.  All opinions, bad puns, and over-excited zeal expressed are all my own.  All product claims and program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.

BIG news for the Atlanta, Charlotte, and San Diego area, y’all!  CVS now offers curbside pickup in these areas.  Yep, you can now make an online order at and they will bring it to you curbside.  No need to even turn off the engine!

CVS Curbside Pickup - what's so great?

Do y’all know what a game-changer this is?!?  No more schlepping the kids in to the store, chasing them or lugging them around, trying hard to keep them from touching every.  single.  thing in the store.  Heck, you could pickup your CVS order in your PJs.  Or this summer, keep the kids in their wet bathing suits, and you in your cute bathing suit cover.

(Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating just a bit?)

But still, any mother will tell you the joys that come with getting your drug store goods delivered right to your car.  Oh!  And it’s a FREE service, which means I’m in!

So, here’s the deal, y’all: either from your phone or from, you can place your order.  (I personally recommend using the app, especially if you’ve not yet set up your account on your smartphone, because you’ll get $3 in ECB when you do so!  Woo hoo!)  Simply select the items you wish to purchase, and add them to your basket.  Click “buy now” once your ready to checkout.  Then, when your order is ready (usually within the hour during regular store hours), you’ll receive a text with a QR code.  Bring your mobile phone with you, park at one of the designated Curbside Pickup spots, click on the link in the text, and your order will be delivered right to you.*


No getting out of the car.  No wrangling the kids.  No waiting in the checkout line.  Just park and your goods come to you!

* – I recommend you try to pickup shortly after you place your order, say within a two hour window.  I placed an order at 4 pm on Thursday, but -one thing lead to another- and I was unable to pick it up until the next day around 1:30.  They weren’t expecting me, nor any other curbside orders, so I waited for about 20 minutes, and then finally just went in.  (With two kids in tow, which just greatly reinforced how awesome the idea of Curbside Pickup is!)

More details about CVS Curbside Pickup:

CVS weekly ad deals still apply to your orders, as long as you’ve got your extra care card attached to your account.  Prices aren’t immediatly reflected in your order, however, until the store employee enters your card info in to your order.  So just be aware when you’re completing your order, that prices will adjust after the fact.  Also, you’ll still be able to earn extra care bucks for qualifying purchases.  How cool is that?!  For more specific questions you may have, check out their CVS Curbside Pickup FAQs here.

CVS Curbside pickup promo code

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to offer y’all two things.  A promo code for $10 off your first CVS Curbside order (no minimum purchase!). Please note this code can only be used within the CVS Curbside service feature within the CVS Pharmacy app.  Just enter 10CVSCURBSIDE for an instant $10 savings.  Code good through 8/7/16.

Also, would you like your chance to win one of three $50 CVS gift cards?  It’s simple, first make your purchase using the above promo code.  Then, comment on this Facebook post sharing what you ordered.  Fill out the form below, so I can randomly pick three winners – there are bonus opportunities on the form, so make sure you fill it out.  Winner must share their CVS Curbside experience on my Facebook page.  🙂  Good luck, y’all!

CVS Curbside Pickup Giveaway

Keep on saving!  :o)

**Remember, y'all, this post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links, which I"ll totally blow on waffle fries and sweet tea, y'all!**

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