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Now that school is out for the summer, I am constantly searching for ways to keep my kids actively entertained.  While we want to be outside as much as possible, we also need to take frequent breaks from the sun!  (Remember, I have two fair-skinned gingers!)  Since I want to maintain my rising daughter’s budding reading skills before she heads to Kindergarten in the fall, and DON’T want her to park her brain, I’m tapping in to FREE resources I/she can utilize at home.

Enter: Chalk Preschool

It’s super-easy: sign up for a FREE account here for each child.  Each day you have new lessons that are in video format and also printables that go with it. The lessons are simple and easy but are fun for kids too. Plus, did I mention, everything is FREE!

The premise behind Chalk Preschool comes from their brick and mortar schools in Chicago and in Los Angeles.

My 5-year-old daughter and I set up an account for her the first week after school was out, and she started watching the videos.  What I liked about the program is it completely reinforces concepts she learned last school year in pre-K, and does so in a fun manner.Chalk Preschool Orange Room Collage

I also created an account for my 2-year-old son, who LOVES “pwaying on da iPad”, so introducing him to the fun and games available to him through Chalk Preschool was an easy step.  And to sneak in learning was a bonus!  😉

For both kids, I was even able to differentiate the printable activity, which was the letter “f” this time.  For my 5-year-old daughter, who is a reader, we talked about words that begin with the /f/ sound.  Had I not just donated a handful of magazines, I would’ve had her cut and paste pictures representing the /f/ sound.  *sigh*

For my 2-year-old son, who can recognize letters and numbers, I had him identify the letter presented to him, trace it with his cute, pudgy fingers, then talked about how the letter “f” makes the /f/ sound.  He got to basically hear that when I discussed it with my daughter.  He got to color the letter “f”, and we followed up with finding frogs, fingers, and a football around the house.

Here’s what you’ll find with Chalk Preschool:

  • Preschool lessons align with Early Childhood Learning Standards
  • Hands-on activities
  • Integration of cooking, geography, and weather
  • Play-Based teaching methods
  • Both indoor and outdoor activities
  • References using real life visuals
  • Optional activities that continue the learning beyond the computer

As I’ve mentioned before, this is a great way to supplement what you’re already doing.  You cannot rely solely on one program or app or online program to teach your child, but Chalk Preschool is a great way to reinforce what you’re already doing, and to help maintain skills while on long-term school breaks.

To stay abreast on the lastest with Chalk Preschool, go “like” Chalk Preschool on Facebook – also check out the Chalk Preschool Blog, and the Chalk Preschool News Room.  And if you’re not sure where to start with the Chalk Preschool program with your child, check out the Parent Portal to help get you started.

Keep on saving!  :o)

**Remember, y'all, this post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small amount of compensation when you purchase from my links, which I"ll totally blow on waffle fries and sweet tea, y'all!**


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